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Important Dates

We are of the strong opinion that "game day" voting (ie. Election Day) is the best way to ensure honest elections.  If you must vote early or absentee depending on your situation, by all means do so.  But we strongly recommend that you vote on election day wherever possible to thwart any algorithms that are running in the machines that would select a predetermined outcome.

For events where you can meet candidates, please visit their websites directly. A list of candidates can be found here.

  • Early Voting - October 24 - November 4

    • Click HERE for a list of locations and times for Early Voting.​

  • Saturday, October 15 - Block walking in Kyle

  • Monday, October 17 - Poll Watcher training - registration required. Click HERE to register.  

  • Thursday, October 20- 4 pm to 7 pm • Meet & Greet for Michelle Lopez (HD 45 candidate) at Ivar's in San Marcos

  • Saturday, October 22 - College Republican tailgate tent - 11 am at Texas State University

  • Tuesday, November 8 - Election Day

    • Click HERE for a list of locations and times for Election Day voting.​

Email for more information about any of the events listed above.

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