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Value Open & Transparent Elections for Hays

Introduction - The majority of the uncertainty surrounding the November 2020 elections pertains to the electronic voting machines and whether or not they were and are vulnerable to outside manipulation.  A great deal of information has been documented about voting machines, including the history and many instances of the vulnerabilities as demonstrated by experts in the field of computer and electronic technology. 

Based upon the uncertainty following the 2020 elections, it is imperative that the voting process ensures that every vote is counted as cast so that the citizens of Hays County trust the election process and the results presented to the public. Free and fair elections are bedrock principles created by our Founding Fathers to protect our Freedom.


Paper Ballots

Durable, hand marked and sequentially numbered paper ballots should be established as the standard vote for elections because electronic voting machines are vulnerable and should not be used. read more

Election Day
Precinct Voting


Voters should vote in their corresponding precinct. Precinct voting is designed so that everyone has access to easy voting in their neighborhood school or church. It is the easiest, most secure way for each person to vote. Polling stations for out-of-precinct voting should be eliminated. read more  

The Petition


It is the intended purpose of this petition to return to the traditional way that voting has taken place in this country since its founding, voting on paper ballots in neighborhood precincts, and hand counting of the ballots by local election workers. By voting with secure paper ballots at the precinct level, we can be assured of the outcome; and, recounts and audits are more easily conducted when all precinct-level ballots are kept together and adjudicated at the precinct level. Sign the petition below to make sure your voice is heard and to ensure an accurate, tangible history of our voting results in Hays County.

I, the undersigned voter, request that Hays County do the following:

  • Use sequentially numbered ballots*;

  • Print election ballots on durable secure paper;

  • Discontinue using electronic voting machines;

  • Assign voting to precinct-level only;

  • Hand count ballots after the last ballot is cast; and,

  • Withdraw from the Texas Secretary of State's Voting Centers program and its required use of Electronic Poll Books.

*Sec. 52.062.  NUMBERING OF BALLOTS.  The ballots prepared by each authority responsible for having the official ballot prepared shall be numbered consecutively beginning with the number "1." Acts 1985, 69th Leg., ch. 211, Sec. 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1986

Sign the Petition
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