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 President Trump said, "The Precinct a great way to restore our Republic by transforming our Party from currently at less than half-strength at the precinct level into a full-strength Get Out The Vote powerhouse - as it should be."

Review the following video sources about the vulnerabilities of electronic voting machines.

MUST WATCH🚨 Twenty minutes of mainstream Democrats, computer scientists, and election security experts warning that America's election system is online, easily hackable, and often running on Windows 7 or older operating systems.

Dozens of counties violated federal law by not keeping data from the 2020 election. Only six of the 100 counties kept the data and it was heavily flawed.

A compelling investigative story about the 2000 Bush v Gore presidential election problems in Florida. Interviews with Sequoia Voting Systems whistleblowers regarding the famous paper ballots and the “hanging chads”.  Also tell the story of the companies in America that began marketing, manufacturing and selling electronic voting machines and the problems discovered with the Touch Screen machines 

The story of a software developer whistleblower who was contracted to write vote rigging software.  Testified before Congress and told the story.


2006. HBO Documentary HACKING DEMOCRACY is a film that documents American citizens investigating anomalies and irregularities with electronic voting machines ……


2012 - PBS documentary on vulnerability of voting machines.  Michigan State Grad students hack into DC voting system and attempt to create internet voting system for US military.


2016.02.22 - CNN Business video titled “HACKERS BREAK INTO VOTING MACHINES”


2018.08.12 - YouTube video titled “Voting Machine Hacks at Defcon” Voting machine hacks at DEFCON, used decommissioned equipment to show how they can be broken into. There were“vulnerabilities in all five machines”, however, only Diebold (now ES&S) and Premier systems were mentioned.“Computer scientists” and “digital folks” are saying, The only safe way to vote is on paper ballots.” Host’s final words…”Everything can be hacked man. Everything.”


2019.08.10 - CNN news video about the ease by which hackers accessed voting machines at the DEF CON conference.


2020 - Video montage of prominent Democrat legislators condemning electronic voting machines


2020 - HBO Documentary called Kill Chain that follows up on the vulnerability of voting machines

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