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Why only paper ballots should be used for elections:

  • Only paper ballots provide physical proof of the voter's intent.

  • Only paper ballots can be safely counted after the last ballot is cast.

  • Only paper ballots can be safely recounted in case of a contested result.

  • Counting paper ballots in public provides 100% oversight and transparency.

  • Unlike computer voting systems, paper ballots cannot break down or malfunction, cannot be programmed, and cannot be hacked or rigged.

  • Paper ballots are significantly less expensive than machines.

  • Cost savings: When paper ballots are used and human beings count the ballots, citizens and families of Hays County will earn a wage for working the election and counting ballots; they will then spend that wage here in Hays County.

Precinct Voting

Precinct voting, like at neighborhood schools, is a convenient and familiar way to vote. This is particularly true for those who have limited time, limited access to transportation, or physical limitations that make it almost impossible to get out and vote. Staying in your own neighborhood may also mean that you know your poll workers, election judges, and poll watchers. This could help voters feel more comfortable asking questions or asking for help with the voting process. If there are any problems, it’s so much more manageable on a smaller scale.


Voting centers (non-precinct voting) are designed to offer convenience to those voting early; but this is where a breakdown in chain of custody can occur. When ballots are combined with other voting precincts, the integrity of a voting precinct can be compromised. When voting precincts remain intact, voters, as well as election workers, have greater confidence in the security of their individual ballots. Local voting provides confidence that all votes are counted accurately (more than once if necessary).

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